The Scottish Socialist Party was founded in 1999 and stands for an independent socialist Scotland, a modern democratic republic. We won 6 seats in the 2003 Holyrood elections where we won 130,000 votes for a red-blooded political manifesto. Our success was due in part to the prominent role we played in opposing Tony Blair’s illegal war in Iraq and the unparalleled political support we gave to the striking firefighters and their families in the historic dispute of 2002/3.

Ours is a party that dares to be different. We stand up to the powerful Scottish establishment on behalf of this country’s working class majority and we promote progressive, fair and just political change. We reject the neo-liberal economic model and brutal dog eat dog greedy politics so worshipped by the mainstream parties in Scotland.

The SSP is an anti-capitalist, pro-independence party, with a vision of a different kind of society. We aim to build a Scotland where no one is left behind, where the needs of all the people are catered for, young and old, men and women, gay and straight, black and white, able-bodied or those with special needs.

Our socialism is centred on today’s world and the needs of everyone and is rooted not in the past but learns from the past in order to build a better tomorrow.


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